To Our Customers:

As the Covid-19 outbreak is like no other situation that we’ve experienced, Total Local is following the guidelines issued by both the CDC and State of Michigan. To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, some of us are working from home, in the office we are observing recommended social distancing, masks are required, and we will be doing more business over the phone and through email. In regard to our publishing schedule, as many of you know the 2020 guides are a larger format, with additional community information and coupons in the front, as a result we are already a bit behind schedule. However, even with the current health crisis, we are committed to getting them out as soon as possible. We will continue to provide excellent customer service and our sale representatives are still available to go over your advertising and online marketing needs.

Protect employees in workplace the with social distancing and mask wearing.

We will all get through this. For some of you, this health crisis means a temporary closing or a slowdown of your business. For others, such as grocery businesses, delivery services, online retailers, and the home services industry, you will see an increase in demand for your products and services. Whichever your situation, it is important as business owners to take a proactive, measured response and not be reactive. At this time is it even more important to continue to market and communicate with your customers.

Frequent communications to your customers and associates builds confidence, exhibits your strength, and positions you as a leader. Also, as more and more people are in information seeking mode, it is beneficial for your business to be front and center. Now more than ever it is crucial to communicate with your customers and keep them in the loop as to your particular situation, how to contact you, and how to do business with you now or in the future. If you need assistance with an email campaign, your social media, a special mailing, or other communication, we are happy to help you! Just give your sales representative or our office a call at 517-663-2405.

We wish you all the best and good health during this difficult time. Thank you for your business and continued support. If you have any questions, please give me a call directly at 517-441-9393 or email me at

Teresa Miller
President & Publisher

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